CoWin Platform To Open For All Citizens Over 18 To Register For Vaccination

 CoWin platform to open for all citizens over 18 to register for vaccination

Following administrative steps to announce extended vaccination criteria, the COWIN platform will be open for registration for all citizens over 18 years of age via the Aarogya Setu app from 28 April.

Appointments will be made on or before 1 May and entry will be allowed. The vaccination process and the documentation that must be submitted for vaccination remain the same. The news comes after India allowed the situation to ease further amid a rising tsunami of cases. All adults will be vaccinated under the liberalized accelerated phase 3 strategy of COVID-19 vaccination, the government said in a statement. The news comes at a time when India is seeking further relief from the tsunami.

All adults will be vaccinated under the liberalized accelerated phase 3 strategy for COVID-19 vaccination, the government said in a statement. Under the new policy, the vaccine will continue to be free for all eligible populations, including health workers, front-line staff and people over the age of 45 in government vaccination centers receiving doses from the government. On 1 May, under the current system, private COVID vaccination centres will charge 250 rupees per dose and will no longer exist, as private hospitals will have to purchase vaccines from manufacturers.

Vaccine manufacturers will have to declare prices in advance for 50% of the supply available to state governments on the open market from May 1. On the basis of these prices, the state, private hospitals and industrial companies will obtain vaccine doses from manufacturers.

Although the center has liberalized vaccination policy, it does not mean that the vaccine will be sold to pharmacists and pharmacies on the open market, Health Minister Rajesh Bhushan made clear on Wednesday. Private hospitals will receive their supply of COVID-19 vaccines from the 50% offer that is being made to other governments through the All India Channel. The price of vaccinations in private hospitals will be monitored, he said.

The Indian government's vaccination centers for eligible populations would be the same as those that exist today for health care workers (HCWs) and front-line workers (FLWs) in the over-45s. Otherwise, the government would pass on the authority to all adult citizens of the country, the document said.

Vaccination against COVID-19 will continue to be free of charge for all eligible populations in COVID state vaccination centers and will receive doses from the central government. The central government, for its part, will distribute the vaccines to states and territories based on performance, speed of administration, average consumption, the extent of infection, and the number of active Covid cases, the document said.