Meals and treatment arrangements started with 255 bed facility in 10 Kovid Care Centers in Banaskantha District

People with normal symptoms were appealed to stay in Covid Care Center instead of Home Isolation

10 Kovid Care Centers were started at different places in the district

Corona’s transition to the second wave of corona is steadily increasing. Then people with common symptoms of corona can stay at home in isolation and those who are receiving treatment at home can spread the infection to other members of the household.

To prevent the spread of this infection, as per the instructions and guidance of the Banaskantha District Collector, the district administration Started 10 Kovid Care Centers at different places in the district Accommodation, meals and treatment for those coming for treatment with 255 beds All arrangements have been made available.

These covid care centers have 10 beds at Community Health Center Amirgarh, 10 beds at Community Health Center Mankadi, Tirupati Balaji. Hospital Panthawada - 20 beds, Community Health Center Bhildi - 20 beds, Community Health Center Jadia - 15 beds Community Health Center Khimana - 25 beds, Kasturba Gandhi Vidhabhavan Thara - 35 beds, Community Health Center Suigam - 10 beds, Krishi Vidyalaya Tharad - 60 beds and School of Nursing Palanpur- 50 beds. The Covid Care Centers currently treat 27 patients and 228 beds are vacant.

More Kovid Centers will be launched in the next two days

Apart from this Government Arts and Commerce College Tharad, Government Science College Vav, Government I.P. T. I. Suigam, Modern School Bhabhar and V. That. Near Vaghela High School CHC A new Covid Care Center will be opened at Deodar and will be launched in the next one-two days. In these covid care centers, a person with common symptoms of corona is given first aid under the supervision of an experienced editor, nurse, Pulse oximeter is checked and medication is given and in case of any patient's condition worsens For treatment, they are sent to Covid Health Center or Covid Hospital by ambulance.