India witnesses a historic triumph; Jawan Rakeshwar Singh released by the Naxalites within 5 days of captivation

The Maoists released CRPF jawan Rakeshwar Singh on Thursday. He was taken hostage after the encounter on 3 April in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh. On this day, 23 soldiers were martyred in the Naxalite attack. Rakeshwar Singh was missing since the attack.

On 7 April, the Naxalites released their photo, stating that they were in their possession and safe.After this, a series of negotiation efforts started. Officers kept talking about search operation. During this time, a plan was also made to free Rakeshwar from the back door.

What the IG of Bastar range had to tell about the incident

The IG Sundarraj P. of Bastar range has also told that the help of social organizations / public representatives and social workers was taken for the return of Rakeshwar Singh. He named Padmashri Dharmapal Saini and Gondwana Coordination Committee Chairman Telam Boraiya. Finally 5 days later Rakeshwar Singh returned.

Surprising and sudden release of Rakesh Singh

More shocking than the release of Rakeshwar Singh is the way to release him. The Naxalites chose the place where they attacked the security forces for Rakeshwar Singh’s release. Hundreds of people were mobilized here.

In this Janpanchayat, Rakeshwar Singh was presented with a tied hand. Media people were called for its coverage. Two Naxalites were seen opening the hands of the Jawan. Videos of the release were made and Rakeshwar Singh was sent along with the mediators.

The psychological gains of the Naxalites

  1. After the abduction, on April 4, the Naxals themselves called the media and told that they had kidnapped the Jawan. He clearly stated that the commando is safe and they will release him unconditionally soon. The Naxalites tried to adopt the High Moral Ground by saying so. By doing this, the Naxalites may try to show that their enmity is not with the soldiers, but with the government.
  2. After this, to get maximum publicity, the Naxalites announced that the government should declare the names of the arbitrators for the release of the commandos.
  3. The release of the commandos was carried out by the Naxalites without much delay, and not creating a very forced situation for the government so that they could get Goodwill.
  4. The way Naxalites have tried to give such a message that they have no fear of the government in their core area, from the way the public court was set up and released from the ropes of the commandos in front of the crowd of thousands of tribal. They also have no fear of the government threatening a decisive battle.
  5. By doing so, he has not only defied the sovereignty of the country, but has also tried to damage the image of the central government to a great extent.

India’s deteriorating image, tarnished in the past by the Naxalites

In 1999, a plane of Indian Airlines was hijacked by Nepal by 5 terrorists. The terrorists took it from Kathmandu to Amritsar and Lahore to Kandahar in Afghanistan. In lieu of safe release of 178 passengers there, the terrorists had conditioned the release of 3 terrorists, including Maulana Masood Azhar. A special plane was sent from India to release these terrorists. The minister of the government himself went to Kandahar with them. After this the hostages were released, but the image of India became a soft state.

Common man’s victory over the Naxalite group

The release of Rakeswar Singh is one of the prime examples of victory over good. The Jawan took a toll on the Naxalite group and was hence released soon. The political pressure put forward by Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi proved decisive. It is the collective victory of the common men of India over the fierce Maoist group.

This incident exemplify the power of one common man of India, who through collective effort can triumph over any evil. India hence marked a historic event with the release of Jawan Rakeswar Singh within 5 days of his captivation. This event will rightfully be written in gold, highlight the victory of good over evil.

Note: “This article is not for spreading any negative news, it is just for providing news update about the recent incident”