First patient then family: Corona Warriors Dr. in Dec. Vishal Thackeray stands outside the house to celebrate the eighth anniversary of his marriage, has not been home for 20 day

Dr. Vishal Thakkar has been serving in the hospital without going home for the last 20 days
Celebrated with social distance by standing on the road without setting foot in the house

Corona Warriors, who have been away from family and home for the past 20 days during the Corona epidemic, Vishal Thackeray had a unique celebration of the eighth anniversary of his marriage.

In Banaskantha district, the number of cases of corona infection has been on the rise for the last two months. Corona Warriors doctors are also working day and night away from home and family to save the positive people of Corona.

Het has an ICU in the Doctor's House opposite the Gayatri Temple in Deesa city and lives in Deesa's Greenpark. Vishal Thakkar The positive people of Korona from the last 20 days recover quickly.

He arrived home on Wednesday at the urging of his wife and family to celebrate the eighth anniversary of his marriage, but returned immediately to the hospital to prevent the children and family from contracting the disease. Dr. Vishal Thackeray also celebrated his marriage with social distance and his service as Corona Warriors was applauded by the people.

In this regard, Dr. Vishal Thackeray said that people do not even go out of the house to escape from the corona, waking up day and night in such a difficult time, the infected people of the corona have not even gone home for the last 20 days to recover quickly.