21st April, Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Check all the biography

Queen Elizabeth II, who held the throne of Britain for the longest time, was born on 21 April 1926. This year, she will turn 95 years old. In the UK, her birthday is celebrated with great pomp and show. But this happens not once a year, but twice, when Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is celebrated. Queen Elizabeth’s first and official birthday is celebrated on 21 April. The second official is celebrated on 17 June.

Actually, this trade has been going on since the year 1748. George II declared that the prince of the royal family. Elizabeth was born in London to Duke George VI and Queen Mother Elizabeth and studied at home.

The preparation of 21st April

The British royal family is preparing to celebrate Queen Elizabeth-II’s 95th birthday in a special way. The UK Royal Mint announced on Monday that a 5-pound coin issued in April on Queen Elizabeth’s 95th birthday.

A 5-pound coin has been kept in reserve for the British Royal event, which will be issued on the Queen’s birthday. In the television broadcast on Christmas day of 1957, the Queen addressed her as ‘My Heart and My Devotion’. The same word will be written on the coin issued in April

On 21 April this year, Queen Elizabeth will turn 95. She will be the first member of the British royal family to reach the age of 95 years. In Britain till now, on all the coins, the Queen’s picture is printed on one side.

This time, different coins will be issued on the birthday, on which the impression of the different phases of the Queen will be displayed. A coat given to the Queen 64 years ago on a 5-pound coin will be printed. This coat of his is known as ‘My Heart and My Devotion’.

“My heart and my devotion”

Queen Elizabeth said in her address: “Things are very different today. I cannot take you to war, I do not give you law or justice, but I can do something else. I can give my heart and my reverence to all of you. This address of the Queen is known as ‘My Heart and My Devotion”.

The same word will be written on a coin with a picture of the Queen.The new coins to be issued on the Queen’s birthday will be made of expensive metal or the coin will be made by mixing other metals with alloys. If anyone wants to buy this coin, then they have to resort to the Royal Mint website.

Similarly a 2 pound coin will be issued on the birthday of Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott. Sir Walter Scott has written the world famous novels Waverley and Evenho.

Queen Elizabeth’s net worth

Not much is known of Queen Elizabeth II’s personal income, but according to a BBC report Sandringham House in Norfolk, Balmoral Fort in Aberdeenshire and other small houses come under her personal property. Queen Elizabeth’s other personal possessions include royal stamp collections, artefacts, jewelry, cars and horses.

According to the BBC, there is also a royal collection, which contains royal ornaments and artefacts. It contains more than 1 million items, which is worth around Rs 10 trillion, but is not the personal property of the Queen, as it is owned by her successor and a UK trust.

The Queen of Britain has three main sources of income, including sovereign grants (royal grants), privy purses, and her own possessions and income from them. The privy purse is the personal income of the queen, which is used for the expenses of the people of the royal family.

The British royal family has considerable assets in London as well as in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Although this property falls under the category of personal property of the Queen, but it is transferred to the next generation of the royal family, it cannot be sold.